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The Vision

The faculty is a research and an educational institute which participates in society service by presenting the knowledge, concepts and skills in the commercial sciences field through presenting a scientific method in thinking.

The mission

Presenting the educational service in the fields of money and business which provides the society with a graduate who is able to compete in the labor market and also prepare researchers who have the ability to create, innovate and use the modern techniques in the fields of consultations, training and providing the effective mechanisms to communicate with all the parts in the society and the surrounding environment.

The dean’s wordbr
Prof.mOHMAED esayed Mohamed Alsagheer

the faculty spires to qualify and graduate great numbers of the students in the different specializations of statical, economic, financial , insuring, accounting and administrative sciences which cope qualitatively and quantitatively with the needs of the comprehensive development plan.

And if you think deeply in the mission of the faculty you will find that it is an educational service system which seeks hardly to graduate qualified cadres.

Also the electronic portal has an important role in presenting and defining the faculty and its basic programs, publishing the accurate information about the faculty and its role and its research and educational activities so as to gratify the role of the faculty as an educational, cultivating and enlightening center


Address : Egypt – Sohag Governorate – Nasser City – Sohag  University-faculty of commerce


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 الموقع تصميم وتطوير فريق البوابة الألكترونية