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The new programs

Good news for the students of the secondary schools

The specialized administration program at faculty of commerce the first program at the level of the Upper Egypt which faculty of commerce presents for the third year successively and its a program for the specialized administration to get the bachelor in the hospitals , the healthy constructions , in the hotels and the tourist constructions

The admission conditions

The program accepts the students of the secondary schools.

It also accepts the students who got any bachelor from any Egyptian or Arab Universities


The advantages of the program

The study will be in English

The program qualifies you to work in the field of the healthy constructions, the hospitals of ministry of health, the healthy centers, the international and the private hospitals, the hotels, tourism offices, ministry of tourism, authority of activation of tourism, airlines, restaurants, resorts and the natural protectorates.

Worthy mentioning is that the success ratio in the last years was 100%

Getting an accredited bachelor certificate in English

The program provides the field training opportunities during the summer

Merits for the first -graded students

Decreasing the expenses till 25%

Nominating the first- graded students to get the ICDL and the TOEFL courses for free

Appointing the first-graded students at the university as demonstrators