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Information Technology Unit

About the unit:

The Information Technology Unit is the connection between the six projects submitted by ICTP at the level of universities and colleges, this unit aims to:

1- Increasing the effectiveness of these projects

2- Providing distinguished services in information technology for the college

The Vision of the Unit

As the extension of the vision and objectives of the ICTP projects, the unit aims to connect the various information systems and technology projects in the college. The mechanization of administrative processes at the faculty of Commerce for the benefit of all levels in the educational and societal fields, it also supports institutional capacity and decision-making processes, and leads to the effective and efficient use of information systems at the leadership, student and institutional levels.

The Mission of the Unit

The mission of the unit is to provide secure technical solutions to support all administrative, educational, research and societal process to raise the level of performance of the college and to introduce the college internally and externally while keeping pace with technological developments.

The Objectives of the Unit:

1- Employing information technology to support educational, research, community and administrative activities.

2- Developing educational, research, community and administrative procedures towards providing distinguished electronic services.

3- Providing consultations, electronic solutions and technical studies regarding the various activities of the college.

4- Documenting the activities, policies and decisions of the college on a continuous basis and by various means.

5- The mechanization of administrative work to facilitate the electronic preservation, recall and circulation of documents.

6- Providing the necessary administrative information and data to support decision-making of the college.

7- Spreading the use of electronic systems and communication networks to develop educational programs and produce electronic courses in cooperation with specialized centers.


The Duties of the Unit

1- Management and continuous updating of the college website.

2- Supervision and Following-up of database programming process.

3- Following up and updating the electronic archive by activating the management information systems project, whether with regard to students, administrators, faculty members and their assistants.

4- Cooperating with scientific departments to support and update the electronic library with updated scientific production.

5- Holding periodic seminars and workshops regard with regard to the work of the unit.

6- Supervising all network connections and periodic and immediate maintenance operations.

7- Supervising the implementation and activation of electronic courses of the college, in cooperation with specialized centers.

8- Providing electronic services for students and college employees through the college website and electronic portal.


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